Poker, Football And Six Instant €1,000 Cash Prizes

Here at No Deposit Online Casino, we spend a lot of time looking at promotions. A lot of them are very samey. Some of them are very unique. And others are slightly confusing.

The promotion we’re about to tell you about is a bit confusing. We had to read over it a few times to really get what you had to do and how you win a prize.

But honestly, don’t let that put you off. Because there are a few steps involved, we’re guessing that some people actually won’t take part. Which means you’ve potentially got a better chance of nabbing a prize.

And the prizes are great. And the promotion is great after you get your head around it. The subject matter unites two of our favourite passions. So don’t miss out. Find out all about Xmas Football Match Predictor at Coral Poker and get on board straight away!

How does Xmas Football Match Predictor work?

Here’s what you have to do in each qualification period:

  1. Opt in via your Missions tab in My Account
  2. Earn points playing real-money poker at Coral
  3. Guess the outcome of at least three in 10 Premier League matches in one round correctly

A lot of Coral Poker’s promotions are missions based and this is no different. Xmas Football Match Predictor has a Silver Mission and a Gold Mission. For both missions, you’ve got to guess the outcome of three different matches. But whether you complete Silver or Gold depends on the number of points you earn playing real-money poker at Coral during the qualification period:

  • Gold missions require you earn 77 points in one qualification period
  • Silver missions require you earn 52 points in one qualification period

When are the Xmas Football Match Predictor qualifying rounds?

There are two rounds left for you to qualify for with Xmas Football Match Predictor. During each round, you have to earn your required number of points playing real-money poker and make your Premier League match predictions.

Here are round qualification periods:

  • Round 20: running now through 14:29 GMT tomorrow, Saturday 29 December
  • Round 21: running from 14:30 GMT tomorrow, Saturday, 29 December, until 12:29 GMT on New Year’s Day

Complete a mission, get a Reward Wheel spin and then PRIZES!

So you’ve opted in. You’ve earned your points. You’ve correctly predicted the outcome of three matches. Then what?

Then you get a spin of the gold or silver Reward Wheel. You can use your Reward Wheel spins anytime up to 23:59 GMT on Wednesday, 9 January.

You can get one spin per day and the prizes that you can get are pretty great…

PrizesGold wheelSilver wheel
€1,000 in cashSix players will win
€500 in cashFour players will win
€100 in cash100 players will win35 players will win
€10 in cash1,100 players will win600 players will win
€5 Age of the Gods Twister ticket2,500 players will win
€2 in cash6,000 players will win4,000 players will win
€1 Age of the Gods Twister ticket9,000 players will win12,800 players will win
€1 in cash9,500 players
€0.50 Wild Twister ticket15,400 players will win

Remember that all kinds of Twister tickets expire seven days after they hit your account. Our advice is to just simply use them as soon as you win them.

What are the Xmas Football Match Predictor Premier League matches?

Like we said before, you’ve got to correctly predict the outcome of three Premier League matches out of 10 in one qualifying round in order to get your Reward Wheel spin. So here are the matches you will be speculating about…

Round 20 matches

Tomorrow, Saturday, 29 December

  • 15:00 GMT: Brighton V Everton
  • 15:00 GMT: Fulham V Huddersfield
  • 15:00 GMT: Leicester V Cardiff
  • 15:00 GMT: Tottenham Hotspur V Wolverhampton
  • 15:00 GMT: Watford V Newcastle
  • 17:30 GMT: Liverpool V Arsenal

Sunday, 30 December

  • 12:00 GMT: Crystal Palace V Chelsea
  • 14:15 GMT: Burnley V West Ham
  • 14:15 GMT: Southampton V Manchester City
  • 16:30 GMT: Manchester United V Bournemouth

Round 21 matches

New Year’s Day

  • 12:30 GMT: Everton V Leicester
  • 15:00 GMT: Arsenal V Fulham
  • 17:30 GMT: Cardiff V Tottenham Hotspur

Wednesday, 2 January

  • 19:45 GMT: Bournemouth V Watford
  • 19:45 GMT: Chelsea V Southampton
  • 19:45 GMT: Huddersfield V Burnley
  • 19:45 GMT: West Ham V Brighton
  • 19:45 GMT: Wolverhampton V Crystal Palace
  • 20:00 GMT: Newcastle V Manchester United

Thursday, 3 January

  • 20:00 GMT: Manchester City V Liverpool