Win A Football Jackpot Every Weekend of the Season At Coral Sport

We’re extending a big welcome to our new partner site Coral by taking a look at some of their most popular site offers, promotions and features. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll get round to exploring as many of these as we possibly can to bring you the very best that Coral’s broad range of sites has to offer.

To begin with we are going to head into the realm of Coral Sports, which you can access by having any active Coral account with any of the Coral sites, including the fantastic no deposit bonus Coral Vegas offer for mobile users. Once you have your Coral account, you are free to log in to Coral Sport and take a look this fantastic offer.

It’s called the Football Jackpot and it is a prediction game which is available across the many different weeks of the football season in England. However, this is a different game to any other prediction games that you may have played before as it is more flexible and the way in which the prizes are worked out and distributed is very different.

Indeed, Football Jackpot is part prediction game, part football pools and even part National Lottery-style game and if you enjoy any of these, then you will certainly be keen on taking part in this promotion every week of the season at Coral Sport.

What is the Coral Football Jackpot?

To locate the Coral Football Jackpot, simply follow the link to the promotion which is available on the main Coral Sports home page on the right hand side amongst the tabs for the site. This will take you immediately to the dedicated page for the offer and everything outlined below is directly accessible from this page.

For the offer, each weekend of the football season in England, Coral Sport will select a total of 15 different matches taking place across the weekend. Most of the selections will come from the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two in England, but on occasion other matches from other competitions, including international games, may well be used to ensure that there are the requisite number of games to run the promotion.

Listed for each game on the left hand side of the coupon is the date that the game is taking place together with the kick off time for that particular match. To the right of the match is the actual coupon selection section where you can pick one of the three results possible for this game. Home Win, Draw or Away Win.

The aim of the game is to select the correct result from each of the 15 games shown by clicking on the box with your prediction for the result next to each game. You need to select at least one result for each of the 15 games in order for your selection to be valid. Once you have selected at least one of the three potential results for each of the 15 matches, then you can enter your coupon.

However before you do that, you can elect to give yourself more flexibility with your entry by selecting additional results from matches that you think could potentially end in one or two or even three of the results selected. By selecting two or more results for each match, you increase the number of bet lines you need to cover with your stake, and as a result the size of your bet will increase. The more additional results you select, the more lines you will need to cover with your bet.

What is particularly useful for players is that at the bottom of the coupon there is a Stake Per Line selector mechanism which allows you to increase or decrease the value of what you stake per line on your bet. This can reduce or increase the value of your total bet. The size of your total bet will update with every selection you make and is shown in the Bet Summary section of the page.

By having multiple lines in play, you give yourself more leeway with results ensuring that if one of your selected results doesn’t win, the other may still stand a chance.

Once you are happy with all your selections and the size of your total bet, you can then click on the Place Bet button to enter your selections into the competition. Once entered, you can then sit back and enjoy the weekend’s football to see how your predictions get on.

Lucky Dip Option

If you don’t know much about football and still want to enter the competition, then you can use the Lucky Dip button to allow the software to generate an entry for you. This is similar to the Lucky Dip option you see on National Lottery games which allows you the chance to enter a randomly selected set of numbers.

With this option, you enter 15 randomly selected results on a single payline, but you can then edit the slip if you like by changing selections or adding more if you so wish. Once you are happy with your Lucky Dip selection, click the Place Bet button to enter it in the usual way.

How is the Football Jackpot prize calculated and won?

Before we examine how the Jackpot Prize is distributed, let’s first clear up how the Jackpot Prize is decided. Rather than a set amount, the size of the Jackpot prize each week is determined by the number of players that enter the tournament. The more that enter, the greater the value of the Jackpot Prize will be. This is similar to how the National Lottery and Football Pools style games work.

Of the money that Coral take each week on the Football Jackpot game, 70% of the total cash is placed in the Jackpot fund. 20% goes into the consolation prize fund for players that predict 14/15 games correctly, and 10% goes into the consolation prize fund for players that predict 13/15 scores correctly.

So for example, if Coral took £200,000 in one week for the Football Jackpot game then the cash allocation would be:

  • Jackpot Fund (70%) – £140,000
  • 14/15 Consolation Fund (20%) – £40,000
  • 13/15 Consolation Fund (10%) – £20,000

However, the amount of money in the Jackpot Fund can grow if the jackpot is not won in any given week. In that case, the amount of money in the Jackpot fund will rollover into the next Jackpot fund available the following week. This means that the Jackpot Fund can grow considerably if there are several rollover weeks in succession.

At the end of a game week, all entries are examined and the prizes are distributed amongst the players who achieved 13/15, 14/15 and 15/15 in their predictions. Each player will receive an equal share of their prize pool, but of course, there will be many more players hitting 13/15 than there are 14/15 or 15/15 and similarly there will be more 14/15 winners than 15/15 winners.

So in the example above, let’s say one player hits the 15/15 correct predictions that week, 10 players hit 14/15 and 100 players hit 13/15.

That means the 15/15 player would win £140,000, the 10 players that hit 14/15 results correctly would each win £4,000 and the 100 players that hit 13/15 correctly would each win £200.

Football Jackpot is available to play every weekend of the football season and is a top attraction at Coral Sport. Take a look now and enter the next event to see if you could be the next big Football Jackpot winner.