What is the bet365 Sport Best Odds Guarantee for Horseracing and How Does It Work?

If you are a punter that enjoys the extensive range of horseracing betting available at bet365 Sport throughout the flat and national hunt seasons, then you will know that one of the key aspects of the service is bet365’s Best Odds Guarantee.

However, if you are a relative newcomer to betting, or you tend to bet on sports different to horse racing, then this is a part of the site that you may not have come across before and it is important that you know exactly what Best Odds Guaranteed means with bet365 to avoid any confusion.

Surely Best Odds Guaranteed means I get the best odds available on that selection?

Yes, and no. The truth of this depends what you are comparing the best odds available on a selection in a race at bet365 to and it is here that some confusion may lie.

Many novice punters think that the Best Odds Guaranteed promise at bet365 means that if they back the horse with the company, they will get the best price on that horse compared to all other bookmakers available in the UK. It is important to note here that this is not the case (although bet365’s odds do tend to be amongst the best value anyway).

In truth, the only way to do this is to check your selection on an odds comparison site, or to place a bet on an Enhanced Price option, which guarantees to be the longest odds on that selection in the race from a range of bookmakers.

So, while the Best Odds Guaranteed doesn’t mean the best odds out of all the bookmakers offering odds on that selection in the UK, it does mean that if you place your bet at bet365 on that race, the guarantee will ensure that you get the best possible price on your selection should you pick a winner.

How does that work? Let’s take a look at two examples below which perfectly illustrate how the Best Odds Guarantee works for horseracing punters at bet365.

Example One

You place a bet on a selection running in a race later that day. At the time you place the bet, the odds on your selection are 3/1. However, by the time the race has started the price on your selection has shortened considerably down to 2/1.

As you would expect, in this example, bet365 would guarantee that you receive the best odds available on your selection for this bet, which for you is the 3/1 you took when you placed the bet initially. This means that if your selection wins the race, you would be paid out at 3/1 regardless of the shorter starting price.

Example Two

You place a bet on a selection in a race running later that day. At the time you place the bet, the odds on your selection are 4/1, but by the time the race starts, your selection has drifted in the betting out to 6/1.

In this example, the Best Odds Guarantee would kick in if your selection proved to be a winning bet for you. In this case, rather than receive the odds of 4/1 you took when you placed the bet initially, bet365 will instead pay you out at the greater Starting Price odds of 6/1, which means that for a standard £10 win bet on the selection, you would be £20 better off thanks to the Best Odds Guarantee.

Are there any terms and conditions I need to be aware of for the Best Odds Guaranteed?

There are a number of terms and conditions that are in place regarding the Best Odds Guaranteed offer and they include the following:

  • The offer includes bets made on Board prices, bet365 Early Prices, Single Bets and Multiple Bets. You can also receive the offer on any Showcast bet where a fixed price is offered for the selection.
  • The Guarantee only applies to bets place on the Win and Each Way Fixed Odds Markets and Enhanced Place Term Markets. All other forms of bets are excluded.
  • The offer is not applied to races run in Australia

Other than that, the offer is pretty straightforward and there is no need to enquire about the guarantee, as should one of your bets qualify for it, then bet365 will automatically pay you out at the higher price.

What other facilities on the bet365 are useful for a horseracing punter?

In addition to the Best Odds Guarantee, bet365 also offers a wide range of other services specifically for horseracing punters to help them formulate their bets. Perhaps the most exciting and extensive is the Racing Archive.

This is an archive going back many years of all the races that are Live Streamed on bet365 Sport. These races are stored in the Archive and can be viewed by customers who maybe want to research a horse before they place a bet, or perhaps if they want to review how a horse performed in a race they missed a little while ago.

Bet365 Live Streaming is also available on every horse race that takes place in the UK and Ireland, however to view the streams for free, you need to have placed a bet worth at least £0.50 on the race in question. If you have then a few minutes before the race starts, a link to the Live Stream will be made available which you can click on to view the race in full. The service is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

If you like fast and furious horseracing betting, then remember too that you have horseracing as one of the options on bet365’s extensive Virtual Sports offerings. There are three different tracks available to view with races starting every minute or so. Each event takes just three minutes to complete from start to finish and with a range of different odds available for each of the runners and riders, it is as good a replica of real-life horseracing as you will find.

Add to this a wide range offers and promotions available each day, and you quickly see why bet365 Sport has become the home for horseracing betting for so many punters based in the UK and elsewhere around the world.