What Happens If You Win a Big Progressive Jackpot Prize at bet365 Games?

The imminent release of the Wheel of Wishes progressive jackpot slot from Alchemy Gaming and Microgaming, has certainly spiced up the early months of 2020 when it comes to progressive slot gaming. The fact that this new game offers the largest Microgaming progressive seeded prize fund, with the top progressive prize, the Wowpot, starting at a cool £2 million, has certainly whet the appetites of slot gamers.

It comes after a year where there were a dozen lucky winners of another million pound plus jackpot on the other Microgaming progressive Mega Moolah, with one lucky winner from Canada taking home a prize of over $20 million at the start of 2019.

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There is no doubt that progressive jackpot slots are amongst the most popularly played on a day to day basis by slot gamers and any new slot that will offer the potential for an even greater prize pool, will certainly draw plenty of support from gamers.

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While the features and structure of progressive slot games have been looked at in detail, one thing that is less well known, and which can come as a surprise to players, is what happens when you are lucky enough to trigger one of these top jackpot prizes. Do you know when and how you will receive your money if you land a big jackpot prize?

If not, then this article is for you.

What happens if I land a massive jackpot win, such as on the Mega Moolah or Wheel of Wishes slots?

Let’s take you through a step by step process of what happens should you be fortunate enough to land a massive progressive jackpot win.

  • Phone Call Contact

Immediately after the good news flashes up on screen, you may well not quite believe that you have landed a massive jackpot prize. It can be extremely difficult to believe that you are a winner and as such, many people are stunned and go into a mild form of shock at this point.

Don’t worry though as a short time after the win flashes up on screen, the software will have notified the casino that there is a potential winner and the casino will then contact you, using the contact details that you have on your account (this is why it is important you keep your home phone and mobile details up to date on your account).

There are ostensibly two reasons that the casino is contacting you. The first is to verify that you are the account holder (and to check someone hasn’t stolen your identity to log in and play pretending to be you) and that you are who you say you are and that all your other details, home location and such, are all correct.

This is to ensure that you are legally allowed to play the game you won on and that, of course, you were the player that landed the win!

Once these checks are over (and they should not take long) the next thing the casino will do is to check the authenticity of the win you landed. They will check the software to make sure that the win was a genuine win and not a software glitch (which, while extremely rare, can still happen) and that there was no attempt, malicious or otherwise to try and use a cheat or any other unfair means to facilitate the win.

While these checks have all been completed, which usually takes no longer than a few days, your funds will be held by the casino until they are passed satisfactorily.

  • Publicity, Support and Advice
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Assuming you pass the checks, then congratulations are in order, as you have likely just become a millionaire. Many people cannot really grasp the size and scope of their win and it is at this time that the casino can serve its customers very well.

The first thing they will want to know is whether you want to go public with the win or not. You may wish to shout out from the rooftops about your win to the world, but it is worth knowing that if you do, then it won’t be long before people start contacting you asking for money for a massive variety of things, some of which can be very emotionally upsetting.

Many winners prefer to remain anonymous for that precise reason and they can then choose exactly who they want to tell about their good fortune. Once you have made your decision, the casino will respect that and if you have elected for no publicity, they will only make known the barest of details about the win.

Another role the casino can play at this point is offering customers advice and support about what to do with their win. There are many cases of people landing a big win and then frittering away their money over the years to eventually be left with nothing. To combat this, the casino can offer customers advice on what to do next (going on holiday immediately to come to terms with your win is always salient advice) and they can even put you in touch with a financial advisor who can give you advice on how best to spend, invest or otherwise utilise your new-found wealth.

After that, it is then down to you how you decide to spend your new found wealth and enjoy your life like never before!