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There’s no denying that if you are looking at playing card games at a casino, rather than a specific poker room, then the game you are most likely to play, especially if you are from North America or Europe, is probably blackjack. This simple game, when played to a solid strategy, offers amongst the best odds for savvy punters to try and earn a profit when playing at a casino (although actually doing so still remains very tough as the casino still has a slight house edge).

However, there are a number of other card games you can play at casinos and often these games can be overlooked in favour of other games. This could be a mistake as there are some fantastic card games you can enjoy at a casino beyond blackjack and the various forms of poker. One such example of this is the fabulously simple game of baccarat, which has been around in various guises for hundreds of years.

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Although it may be an unfamiliar game to many, baccarat is actually a very simple game and in many ways, it shares characteristics more with a game like roulette than it does a game like poker, where a players skill and ability can influence the outcome of the game when played against other opponents. So let’s take a closer look at the main basic rules of baccarat.

What are the main rules of Baccarat?

Baccarat is one of the simplest games to play in a casino because, just like roulette, you don’t actually need to have any skill to play the game. All you need is to understand how to place a bet in the game and what the cards dealt to you as a player and the cards dealt to the banker mean and how they relate to each other.

It is important to note that a player does not need their cards to win the hand in order to win at baccarat. You place a bet on who you think will win the hand or if it will end in a tie and you can back your hand, but also back the dealer, or the tie. So if your hand loses to the dealer’s hand, and you have backed the dealer, then you are still a winner!

The game does have some basic rules which are wise to understand if you are playing the game, just so you have a simple understanding of what is going on when the hand is in progress.

  • Each hand of cards in baccarat is dealt from a pack comprising of six packs of 52 cards.
  • The pack is shuffled in full before every new hand.
  • The suits of each card are not relevant in baccarat. Only the value of the cards are used in the game.
  • Each card in the pack is assigned a specific numeric value. The Ace is 1, the two is valued 2 and so on up to the nine being valued as nine. The ten, jack, queen and kings in the pack are all valued at zero, not ten.
  • Baccarat is calculated with a rolling number line, by that we mean that the value of your hand can never exceed nine. If you end up with a total that seems to be greater than nine, say by being dealt a hand of an 8 and a 3, you simply count the unit value of your hand, so instead of your hand being valued at 11, it would be valued at 1. If your hand was valued at 22, then it would be valued at 2, if it was valued at 16 then it would be 6 and so forth.

So the question you are now asking is how does this ability to roll over the count fit into the game of blackjack and what is the way to win a hand? The answer to this is that each game of baccarat follows a simple set of rules based on the cards a player and the banker holds to decide what happens in that game.

The Rules for Drawing Cards in Baccarat

As we explained before, players can’t use skill or judgement to make decisions about whether or not to draw a card in baccarat as the rules of the game will define what happens based on the cards dealt to the player or the banker.

In the first and simplest example, if the banker or the player when they are dealt their two face up cards to start the hand, add together the value of their cards and have a score of either 8 or 9, this is called a Natural and the player or banker holding that hand, provided the other player does not have a better hand, will win the hand. Any winning bets will be paid out and a new hand will begin. Landing a hand of a value of 8 or 9 is called a Natural.

Things get more interesting when the two face up cards for both the player and banker do not add up to 8 or 9. If the players hand is valued at 6 or 7 then they will stand, which means they will hold onto their two cards and not draw any more cards. If they have a value of five or below, then the banker may deal additional card, or cards, to the players hand. Up to six cards may be in a single hand. For example, if a player has a value of 3 in their hand after their first two cards, if then then are drawn an ace, this would take their score to four, which means they would continue to draw. If they then get a king, this is zero, which means they would draw a fifth card. If they then landed a 4, this would give them a value of eight, which is a Natural and this would end the game.

If the player stands on 6 or 7, then there are rules for the dealers hand. A dealer will draw cards based on the strength of the hand they hold, using slightly different rules to the player. The good news is that you don’t actually need to know these rules, as the banker will identify if the banker’s hand needs cards drawing to it and will do so automatically until the hand is ended.

In baccarat, you can bet on the three possible outcomes for the game, player win, banker win or a tie. Betting on one of these outcomes is what starts the process of a hand off.

Once positive aspect of the version of baccarat available at bet365 Games is that you can also place bets on other items on the layout and we will explore these additional bets below.

Further bets in bet365 Games Baccarat

You can make the following additional bets when playing baccarat at bet365 Games:

  • Player Pair – A bet on whether the player will be dealt the two face up cards as a pair of the same rank (for example, two sixes).
  • Banker Pair – A bet on whether the banker will be dealt two face up cards as a pair.
  • Either Pair – A bet on whether the two face up cards dealt to the player and the two dealt to the banker can be combined to allow any two of those cards to make a pair. For example, if the player is dealt a 3 and a 2, and the banker is dealt a 10 and a 3, the two threes can be combined for a pair.
  • Perfect Pair – A bet on if either the Player or Banker’s first two cards form a perfect pair, such as two of the nine of hearts being dealt to the Player, or two of the three of clubs being dealt to the banker.

Essentially, that is all you need to know about baccarat in order to be able to enjoy a game of it at bet365 Games. The action is controlled on screen by the banker and there is no strategy to learn as such, other than your chances of winning are improved by sticking to banker or player bets, rather than the tie or the four side bets.

So why not give Baccarat a try and see if it is a game that you enjoy?