Try Out the Latest Virtual Sports Betting at bet365 Sport

The Virtual Sports betting offering has become one of the most important aspects of any modern sports betting site. After betting on soccer and horse racing, Virtual Sports are the third biggest generator of revenue for sports betting sites such as bet365 Sport, meaning people wager more on these games than they do on the likes of greyhound racing, golf, cricket or tennis.

As such, Virtual Sports are now an important part of what a site has to offer, so what does bet365 Sport actually offer its customers in terms of Virtual Sports? In this article, we are going to take a look and explore what different Virtual Sports are available on the site, what bets you can make and what you can expect to see and do if you are a novice to Virtual Sports betting.

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So, if you have signed up to bet365 Sport and fancy trying your hand at Virtual Sports, what kinds of things can you expect to see?

Virtual Sports betting at bet365

You can find bet365 Sport’s Virtual Sports betting service in the main list of sports on which you can bet on at the site. Near the foot of the list (which is arranged alphabetically) you will see Virtual Sports and clicking on this will take you straight to the Virtual Sports betting part of the site.

There’s no special log in needed to access Virtual Sports, simply use your standard bet365 log in from any site in the bet365 family and you will be able to enjoy a wager on these games, provided you have funds in your bet365 Sports account of course.

When it comes to the different types of Virtual Sports available, bet365 has a larger than average range of sports to bet on.

  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Soccer
  • Motor Racing
  • Speedway
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Trotting

Shortly, we will take a closer look at each of these and explore more about the markets you will find available in each, but before we do that, let’s give you a brief idea of how a Virtual Sports event works.

How Virtual Sports betting works

There are two distinct parts to a typical Virtual Sports betting event. Each event only lasts a fraction of the time that a real event does, typically the standard amount of time to run a single event is between 3 minutes and 5 minutes, depending on the site and the Virtual Sport in question. At bet365, the time in between each event is just three minutes.

An event starts with a period of time that is usually around 90 seconds or so, where you have the opportunity to bet on the event in question. You can scan through the markets available to place your bet on the event.  You do this as you would do any bet on bet365, by adding the selection to your bet slip, entering your stake and then clicking on the Place Bet button.

If you are betting on the current event, then you only have a limited amount of time in which to place your bet, but you can bet on events that will take place in the next few races or matches, which does give you a bit more time to peruse the markets should you need it.

In addition to betting on a single race or match, you can also make several selections from successive matches or races to put together multiple selection bets such as accumulators and these bets are available alongside the standard betting markets for each sport as outlined below.

Once the betting period for an event comes to an end, then you will see the Virtual Sports event get underway. Here you will see a computerised simulation of your sporting event, complete with the result of the event. So, in race games, you get to watch the race, in games like football or tennis, you get to watch highlights of the game (football), or a shortened version of the game in the case of tennis.

At the end of the highlight period, which lasts usually around 60-90 seconds or so, the result is displayed. After a short time, the next Virtual Sport event will begin with another opportunity to bet on the next race or match.

It is the rapid-fire nature of Virtual Sports which makes them so popular, with punters not having to wait say 90 minutes for the result of a football game or half an hour or so between horse races.

Virtual Horse Racing

You have a choice of three different tracks for Virtual Horse Racing, Britannia Way, Festival Downs and Victoria Park, and each of the meetings is staggered, which means a Virtual Horse Race gets underway every 60 seconds at bet365 Sport. Races are contested over a variety of different distances and over the flat and jumps.

The number of runners in a race can vary from a smaller amount (such as 7 or 8, to larger amounts (14 or 15 runners) and the odds on each runner can vary quite dramatically as a result.

Popular bets include the standard Win and Each Way bets as well as Forecast and Tricast bets

Virtual Greyhound Racing

There are two tracks in operation in bet365 Sports Virtual Greyhound Racing, Goldenhill Park and Hillside Park and like the horse racing, the races are contested over the flat as well as hurdles. Each race has six runners in the race. With fewer runners, the variety in odds between the selections tends to be smaller than on Virtual Horse Racing.

The same bets, such as win, each way and forecast/tricast bets are available on Virtual Greyhounds at bet365 Sport and races tend to be contested over a single lap of the track.

Virtual Soccer

With Virtual Soccer you get a different experience compared to the standard race-themed Virtual Sport. There are three different Virtual Soccer competitions you can bet on, the Premiership (which features English-based teams), Superleague (which features teams from around Europe) and the World Cup (which features National teams).

With each Virtual Soccer option you have a range of different bets available including betting on the Match Winner, Number of Goals in the game, the Correct Score, Total Goals (Over/Under), Result/Both Teams to Score, the Winning Margin of the game, Team to Score First and Team to Score Last to name but a few.

The representation of the game will show the key highlights from your chosen match including goals, saves, missed chances, penalties and free kicks. No more than four goals can be scored in a game, but any number of goals up to this amount can be scored in a game, including games that end 0-0.

Virtual Motor Racing

Virtual Motor Racing involves cars and comes from the Mitchell Circuit. There are 12 competitors in each race, listed by their name, and you can bet on the Win, Each Way and Forecast/Tricast markets for each event.

Virtual Speedway

Virtual Speedway comes from Sterling Stadium and there are just four riders in each race, which makes Virtual Speedway perhaps the easiest Virtual Sport in which to land a winner, although this makes the odds difference between the different riders much smaller. You can back the winner and forecast bets in Virtual Speedway.

Virtual Cycling

The Franklin Velodrome is home to the Virtual Cycling on bet365 Sport and there are between 6 and 9 runners in each race. The same range of bets, win, each way and Forecast/Tricast bets are available on Virtual Cycling as are with a number of other virtual racing games. Each cyclist is identified by their name and shirt colour.

Virtual Tennis

Virtual Tennis takes place on the grass courts at the Matthews Open and two randomly selected players face off against each other in the game. You can bet on which of the two players will win the match, the total points contested in the match (between 4 and 12) and the Correct Score of the match (to Love, to 15, to 30 or to 40).

Virtual Trotting

There are eight runners in each Virtual Trotting race and you can bet on the win or each way market for each race as well as the usual Tricast bets. Virtual Trotting takes place at Etruria Gardens at bet365 Sport.

With so many Virtual Sports to play through, it is easy to see why Virtual Sports betting has become such a key part for many online betting sites and bet365 has an extensive range of options available that is sure to meet the needs for any Virtual Sports betting enthusiast.