Play Slots, Win An Audi

Yes you read that right. BGO Casino are giving away an Audi A3 as the top prize in its new promotion, The Dream Drive.

This is part of a pretty spectacular collection of promotions at the online casino. The umbrella term for these promotions, which pretty much all take place in March is called Live The Dream. And with a Dubai luxury holiday and now this Audi, we’d say the name is pretty apt.

How do I take part in The Dream Drive?

This promotion will really suit high rollers. But that’s because the top prize is so goddamn cool.

So anyway, this is what you have to do to enter:

  • Click the Opt In button on the promotional page
  • Then you’ll get 1 The Dream Drive ticket for every £100 you wager on any games, except bingo, from now until 23:59 GMT on 31 March

You can collect unlimited tickets, so there’s no need to worry about daily limits. If you’re getting really into The Dream Drive and end up collecting tickets on 3 or more days in one week, all the tickets earned that week will be doubled. That means it’s well worth concentrating your efforts on particular weeks.

But do remember that free spins and golden chip wagers don’t count towards your wagering requirements for this promotion.

What prizes can I win with The Dream Drive?

There are 100 prizes up for grabs in total as part of The Dream Drive promotion. The Audi A3 Black Edition is obviously the focus for most people, but the runner up prizes aren’t have bad either.

Here’s what you can win:

  • Audi A3 Black Edition: 1st place
  • iPhone XS 64GB: 2nd place
  • iPad Pro 64GB: 3rd place
  • £500 television: 4th place
  • Apple Watch: 5th place
  • £300: 6th place
  • £250: 7th place
  • £200: 8th place
  • £150: 9th place
  • £100: 10th place
  • £50: 11th-20th place
  • 50 15p Free Spins for Drive: Multiplier Mayhem: 21st-50th place
  • 20 15p Free Spins for Drive: Multiplier Mayhem: 51st-100th place

If you come 1st through 5th, you have the chance to swap your prize for cash at 60% of the value of the item.

Free spin winner? Remember to use those free spins within three days of them being credited to your account.

And as normal with BGO, there is zero wagering requirements on free spins or cash prizes in The Dream Drive.

All about your new Audi A3

So if you do take down the top prize in The Dream Drive, you’re going to enjoy all of these features in your brand new Audi A3 Black Edition:

  • Tinted rear windows
  • Titanium alloys
  • Black trim

Yeah, we didn’t think the promotion could get any better either until we realised that the new car is going to come fully pimped.

When will I find out if I’ve won anything with The Drive Drive?

The winners are all revealed on April Fool’s Day. But who wins is a serious matter!

The 100 winners will be selected at random and everyone will know what prizes they’ve got by 18:00 GMT on Monday, 1 April. It’ll be credited to your account.

If you’ve got one of the top five prizes, BGO’s customer service will try to contact you to confirm the details of the prize. If they can’t contact you within 72 hours, you won’t miss out. But your prize will be credited to your account in the form of the 60% cash alternative.

And in case you’re wondering, each player can only win one prize. Which we think is actually pretty fair.

Any other terms and conditions I should know about?

We’ve covered almost everything here, but we’d also advise throwing your eye over the content of the promotional page and the BGO Casino general site terms and conditions to make sure you catch everything.