Big Bingo Prizes Are Shoppers’ Delight

There’s something about autumn that makes us at No Deposit Online Casino want to go shopping. The turn in the weather, the fact that the children are back at school, summer holidays are over. All we want to do is stock up and cocoon ourselves. And The Big Competition at BGO gives you lots of different prizes that help you do just that.

So if you haven’t played bingo in a while or just fancy getting stuck into some action at BGO, this is your excuse to do it.

What is The Big Competition at BGO?

The Big Competition at BGO is all about bingo. Yes, it’s not exactly imaginatively named, but it’s great. And oh so easy to enter. Another brilliant aspect to it is that it’s exclusive to BGO players in the UK, so no other player using the Virtue Fusion software can take part. Yet another reason to play here instead of the competition.

Basically, you’ve got to complete three fairly simple challenges and then you gain entry into a special bingo room. See success there and you’ll get prizes galore.

How do I enter?

To enter The Big Competition at BGO, you need to do three things between now and 23:59 UK time on Thursday, 26 September:

  1. Deposit £20 or more
  2. Wager at least £10 in real cash on Fairy Delight room tickets
  3. Wager at least £10 in real cash on any of the rooms mini games, except for those under the King Size tab

Doesn’t look too tough, right?

If you do that, your name will appear on the promotion page on Friday, 27 September and you qualify to take part in The Big Competition at BGO games.

What are The Big Competition at BGO games?

These games take place in the Fairy Delight room on Friday, 27 September at 7:30pm, 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

Tickets start at 5p and go up to £120, depending on how flush you feel.

These three prize roll games offer regular cash prizes, of course. But if you bag a prize, you’ll also get an extra special reward thanks to The Big Competition at BGO.

Awesome voucher prizes

We love a shopping voucher. It gives you an excuse to indulge. And these vouchers are for retailers where you can pick up lots of great items, both practical and frivolous. But if we win, we’ll definitely head to the frivolous side of things.

Here’s what you can win:

  • £100 Amazon voucher if you get a full house
  • £50 M&S voucher if you get 2 lines
  • £25 Argos voucher if you get 1 line

Another aspect to this promotion is that if any of the prizes are unclaimed, the winner of the roll on prize can take the highest unclaimed prize in that game. Pretty sweet, right?

And if there’s a split result, the prize will be divided equally between all the players who won.

There’s also a cash alternative available instead of the voucher prizes, but to be honest we’d rather get the voucher and spend it on ourselves than get cash and end up spending that on something sensible!