Ten Top Tips To Ensure You Have A Great Time When Slot Gaming

Slot gaming is hugely popular across the world both in the real world casinos and slots halls and online. Both real world and online casinos earn huge amounts from slot players every year and so they want to appeal to the fans of this particular type of game.

However, slots can also be the root of some problems for a small number of gamblers who develop unhealthy habits and attitudes towards the game. So how can you enjoy slot gaming positively online and avoid this? We have given you ten simple tips to follow below to do precisely that.

  • Get The Best Sign Up Deal You Can When Joining a Site

Finding a cracking sign up deal isn’t as easy as simply picking the highest bonus you can see. Casinos will offer a wide range of bonuses and will often have very different ways of paying them out to customers. Some casinos front-load their bonus, so you may need to make a very large first deposit when signing up to claim the full bonus, others offer their main bonus over your first few deposits on site, which makes it easier to sign up with smaller initial deposits.

The best deal for most customers however are any genuine free spins offers. We say genuine because some free spins bonuses are not free at all, they require you to make a deposit and/or play paid spins at the casino in order to realise.

Genuine free spins bonuses are becoming rarer nowadays but we do have some at our affiliate sites to take a closer look at such as:

In addition to these offers, you can also same no deposit required free cash bonuses at MFortune and Slingo Casino, which you can then use to play slot games at your chosen casino if you prefer.

Other popular sites, such as Coral and bet365 will offer their customers matched deposit bonuses which can see you earn a large sum of cash when you make your first deposit with the site.

  • Check out what slots are available on each site before you join

If you have a specific slot in mind that you want to play, then it is worth remembering that you can’t play any online site at any online site. You may need to look around to discover which casino offers the particular slot game you want to play.

For example, a popular slot at the moment is the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot game. If you wanted to sign up to play this slot then joining a site like MFortune, which does not carry Microgaming slots (the developer of Mega Moolah), would be pointless for you as the game is not available. You would be better off joining a site like bet365 or Leo Vegas instead (both of which do offer the game).

Conducting a little research to discover the types and number of games on offer at a casino you are considering joining is always a good move.

  • Always check the terms and conditions of any starter or other promotion or bonus

While we are confident all out affiliated casinos offer players a fair and great value bonus when signing up, if you do choose to play elsewhere, or indeed at these casinos, it is a very wise move to read up the terms and conditions of your offer before you start spinning the reels.

Players can be fooled into thinking that £10 free means that they can sign up, deposit £5 and then withdraw the £10 to make a £5 profit and they then get a little irate when they read the terms and conditions and discover that they cannot do this. Not that most people would think to do this anyway, but even so, learning exactly how your bonus can be earned and then how it has to be spent, is always a good idea for any slots fan.

This is good practise not just for your starter bonus, but indeed for any bonus you take up on any site you choose to sign up with.

  • Only ever deposit cash into your account that you can afford to lose

This is perhaps the golden rule of slot gaming. You should only ever play with disposable income when you engage in playing any online slot game (or indeed, any form of gambling).

If you cannot afford to lose the cash you are intending to play with then stop, do not make the deposit and walk away from the game.

You should only ever play slots with cash that if you do lose, then you will be able to easily cope without having that money available. Budgeting wisely is key for any gambler and particularly so for slots gamers who can run through a large balance in very quick time, if they decide to bet too much on each spin of the reels, which brings us neatly onto the fifth item on our list.

  • Budget for each slot session and stick to that budget

If you have deposited, say £100 into your account, then you don’t want to burn through that £100 if it is meant to last you a month or so, in a single session. Instead, break down that amount into smaller amounts, sat 4x £25 or 5x £20 or even 10 x £10, and play through the smaller budgeted amount in each session.

Keeping to this budget will develop good gaming habits and will ensure that if you win a cash prize, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this, rather than simply spending it straightaway and handing it straight back to the casino.

There are useful tools on modern slots, such as Autoplay features, which allows you to set the price and number of spins to play to ensure budgeting is easy to do.

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking slot games are ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ or ‘ready to pay out’

Some slot players still believe that slot games can be set up to pay out more winnings at certain times and less at others, or that if a slot game has not paid out a big cash prize for a while, then it is set to offer one lucky player a big win over the next few days or so.

This is entirely false. Slot games are entirely random and pay out their prizes, both large and small, entirely based on the selection of random numbers. It is the nature of these random payouts which makes it seem like a slot is either ‘hot’ or ‘cold’, or ready to pay out a big prize or not. But the truth of the matter I, it doesn’t matter when the slot last paid out a big win, or a small win, or how many spins you have played, or how much you have spent on the slot, every spin has the same chance of being a winner for you as the last and the next.

  • If you land a big win, enjoy it and withdraw the cash

If you land a sizeable win (and for me personally, that is any win that is larger than the typical deposit I would make at a casino), then don’t fall into the trap so many players do and think that this win can precipitate an even bigger win if they just spend it on a few more spins.

Every slot has a house edge in favour of the casino, so the chances are, the more spins you play the more you will be giving to the casino. That is how these games work (and have to work) in order for them to be financially viable for casinos to operate.

Therefore, if you do land a big win, playing more spins simply means you are more likely to give that win back to the casino, than you are to land a further big win. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it can, but it is more likely that the casino will win.

As such, whenever I land a big win I always withdraw the cash. This means that I get the benefit of that big win and can spend it on items that impact me or my family or friends positively.

  • Never chase your losses

In a similar way, if you have a particularly poor session on the slots and end up losing all your cash you budgeted for that session, don’t be tempted to spend the next session cash, or deposit more, to try and recoup your losses.

It is much more sensible to take that poor session on the chin, walk away and come back at another time to use a budgeted amount to play again and hopefully, your luck will change.

Chasing your losses is one of the biggest mistakes punters can make as the advantage is all with the casino. It is a surefire way to burn through a bankroll faster than you intended to and to also develop some poor gaming habits.

Remember, you should only be playing with money you can afford to lose, so if you lose it, walk away and learn the lesson.

  • Use any Free Play options to help understand a new slot game

At some casinos and on some slot games, it is possible to play a free version of the game using pretend cash or credits at your chosen casino. This may seem a bit pointless if you have cash in your account as you can’t win anything, but it can be very useful to play a slot for free to learn more about how the game works and how bonus features and bigger value wins can be triggered.

Although you can’t influence how the slot will play when you play for real money, understanding how a slot works will help you enjoy the game more and keep you better informed about the bonuses on offer.

  • Remember, slots are fun, not work!

Having the right attitude towards slot gaming is key to enjoying the experience. Play with a smile on your face and a carefree attitude and you will enjoy your sessions. Begin a session feeling like you must win, or that the slots owe you a big win, or if you lose your temper easily if things don’t go your way, then you are likely to enjoy the experience far, far less, and make poorer decisions.

Sure it can be frustrating to play slots at times, but you have to remember that it is a random process. The game isn’t picking on you! Learn to enjoy the wins and laugh off the losses and you will develop a much healthier attitude towards slot gaming, and you’ll enjoy it far more too.