8 Things You Should Know About Single Table Tournaments

Okay. So you’re a poker fan. You’ve probably played a single table tournament before. But with all the bells and whistles available online these days, maybe you don’t dedicate a lot of time to this game format?

Well don’t worry. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about single table tournaments and let you know why you should be playing more of them.

1. Single Table Tournament definition

A single table tournament is easy to define. Basically, you’re are at one table for the duration of the game. You buy in for a fixed amount, get a set amount of chips and face the same opponents throughout your game.

2. How many people play single table tournaments?

Generally speaking, 5-10 players are at each Single Table Tournament.

3. Change up the experience

Once you sit down, not really. But before you play, there are few different types of single table tournament features you can choose from. The first is the number of chips. Go normal or go deep. Then there’s the blind levels. Opt for speed or turbo to have a faster-paced game.

4. Coral is our choice for Single Table Tournaments

There are loads of places that offer single table tournaments online, but our favourite place to go at the moment has got to be Coral Poker. Check it out to see the variety, easy layout and great player field available there.

5. Keep an eye on your cash flow

Single Table Tournaments are a dream for your bankroll. That’s because you know exactly how much your gaming experience will cost. There’s no losing the run of yourself like could happen with cash games. You buy in for a set amount and that’s it.

6. Time saver

We love multi-table tournaments as much as the next person, but we know they can be a total time suck. So choose a single table tournament to get the best of both worlds. They usually last for just less than an hour, so you still get a solid amount of play time without losing your whole evening to them. Trust us, your partner will thank you.

7. People watcher’s delight

We all know that we’re supposed to study our opponents actions and reactions to become better poker players. But when you’re playing a cash game or a multi-table tournament, the players are constantly changing. That means you don’t get a chance to get to know their ticks.

With single table tournaments, it’s different. You have the time to study your opponents over the entire expanse of a game. What you learn here will make you a better player elsewhere too.

8. Strategy student

If you’re still trying to find your poker style or you want to experiment with some new strategy. the single table tournament is a great place to do it. Plan how you want to play carefully and stick to that plan. It’s easier to do with a set group of players because there’s less variation than if you’re constantly up against new ones.