Listen Up For A New Take On Poker, Casino And Sports

There has been something of a podcast boom going on for the past few years. Now there seems to be podcasts about absolutely everything. Yes, even gambling podcasts. And some of them are so rubbish that it’s sort of unbelievable they even get made. Even more amazing that people actually listen to them.

But there are lots that are really and truly worth your time. Listening to podcasts and radio programmes has been one of our passions for years. For well over a decade, we’ve devoured all the aural material we could get our hands on.

From trying to tune in the BBC World Service on longwave when we were teens (very uncool teens, it has to be said) to binge listening the latest mudertainment podcast on everyone’s must-listen list, we’ve done it all.

So now we feel like we can point you in the right direction of quality content with relative authority. It might surprise you to see that many of these gambling podcasts aren’t just made for people who already love poker, casino and sports betting. A lot of them simply touch on the subjects. They make the topics accessible to a wider audience and approach things from angles people who gamble might not think of.

So here we go, the first decidedly not definitive No Deposit Online Casino gambling podcast recommendation list.

Planet Money

Planet Money is all about numbers. This National Public Radio podcast takes a deep dive into economics in a really interesting way. It looks at how economics impacts the world and how economic policies can have many unexpected consequences.

Of course, no podcast about economics can shy away from the topic of gambling for too long.

It has a huge impact on the economy and tells you a lot of interesting things about human nature to boot…

Key Planet Money gambling podcasts to check out:

  • Professor Blackjack
  • From Harvard Economist To Casino CEO
  • Wall Street Goes To Vegas

99% Invisible

Presented by the dreamy-voiced Roman Mars, 99% Invisible is one of the best podcasts out there. It’s the flagship show of the podcast network Radiotopia and it’s so so so so so so so good.

In a nutshell, this podcast explores design details that work so well that they can go almost unnoticed. And it also flips to the other side of the coin from time to time and explores things that just don’t work.

This is a podcast about everything from architecture to colours to graphic design to scouting filming locations. You name it and 99% Invisible has probably covered it.

And anyone who’s spent any time thinking about gambling probably knows that there are so many different design decisions made in every land-based casino or betting shop, online outlet and even the individual games. It’s a really rich area for design lovers.

Here are some of our favourite gambling podcasts in this show’s archive:

  • No Armed Bandit
  • For Amusement Only
  • Lessons From Las Vegas

30 For 30

Are you a sports fan? Even if you have a very passing interest in sports, you should really get around to checking out 30 For 30 by ESPN.

This podcast is so interesting that you could actively dislike sports and still want to listen to it! It’s brilliant.

This goes in-depth into sports stories that are unknown or some sports stories that are so well known. Then they take a surprising angle and get interviews with key players. It’s excellent.

There are also several bonus episodes that tell you all about how the programme is made, which is fascinating in itself.

Here are some of the episodes we think you should start off with:

  • All In: Sparking The Poker Boom
  • Bikram (five-part mini series)
  • The Lights of Wrigleyville
  • The Fighter Inside

The Hurricane Tapes

Since everyone has gotten podcast crazy, the BBC have been attempting to do their own version of the viral week-by-week story driven podcast.

When it comes to radio programming, these guys are probably the best in the game. I mean, they have been at it for a really long time and do have operations all over the world. But they hadn’t really done a the whole serialised podcast thing really well yet.

Until now, that is. The Hurricane Tapes is fairly close to perfect. It’s a contained story, the presenters are likeable and actually funny. And the story is super compelling.

This podcast delves into the case of Ruben “Hurricane” Carter, who was falsely convicted of murder. But what was different about this case was he was on his way to becoming the boxing champion of the world…

Ringing any bells yet? Yes, this is the story of the man who inspired the extraordinarily well-known Bob Dylan song Hurricane.

Give the whole series a listen from episode one and you won’t be disappointed.

Looking for somewhere to place a few bets?

After adding all those gambling podcasts to you playlist, we bet you’re in the mood for a flutter.

We’d recommend Coral. It’s got a great range of casino games, as well as poker tables and sports betting options. So you’ll find whatever you like to occupy yourself.