Where Live Roulette And Football Collide

Do you love live roulette? Do you adore football? Have you always wanted a way to marry these two pursuits? Okay, being honest, maybe you haven’t thought about it all that deeply. But if this sparks something in your heart, we’ve got good news. Coral has a Live Football Roulette Betslip.

What on earth is a Live Football Roulette Betslip?

At first, you might think the whole concept is a little odd. But stick with us.

Let’s go on a journey together so you can really imagine the benefit of this feature at Coral.

You’re logged in. You want to play Live Roulette because you feel like letting off some steam and having a real-life casino game streamed straight to your screen is a pretty good way to do that.

But the football’s on too. You’re watching it out of the corner of your eye as well. Your attention isn’t too divided, you’re a pretty good multitasker.

There’s just one thing wrong. You’d really like to bet on the match. You could log out or open two windows on your computer. Of course that’s an option.

However, Coral have an easier solution. The Live Football Roulette Betslip lets you place sports bets without having to get up from your roultette table.

You can also keep abreast of all the football drama by seeing the latest odds as you play roulette. You can access real-time stats on the screen in your Live Roulette window.

Now do you get why we’re excited about the Live Football Roulette Betslip?

Yeah, we thought you would get it too.

Where can I find Live Football Roulette?

This game is exclusive to Coral. You can find it by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Coral website
  2. Click on the Live Casino tab at the top of the page
  3. Select Roulette
  4. Then you should see Live Football Roulette at the top of the list

How much is each spin of the Live Football Roulette wheel?

Like all of Coral’s Live Roulette games, there are a range of bet values you can choose from with this game.

The lowest bet you can place with Live Football Roulette is £0.50. And then the highest bet goes up to a whopping £250.

The low bet is pretty much in range with the rest of Coral’s Live Roulette offerings, while the maximum bet is second only to the massive £500 you can spend per spin at Exclusive Coral Roulette, Prestige Roulette and Grand Roulette.

What matches are on in the next seven days that I can bet on?

Over the next few days there is so much football action that it makes us go weak at the knees.

Premier League

It’s the second last week of what’s been a firecracker of a Premier League season. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Everton V Burnley today at 20:00 UK time
  • Bournemouth V Tottenham Hotspurs tomorrow at 12:30 UK time
  • West Ham V Southampton tomorrow at 15:00 UK time
  • Wolves V Fulham tomorrow at 15:00 UK time
  • Cardiff City V Crystal Palace tomorrow at 17:30 UK time
  • Newcastle V Liverpool tomorrow at 19:45 UK time
  • Chelsea V Watford on Sunday, 5 May at 14:00 UK time
  • Huddersfield V Manchester United on Sunday, 5 May at 14:00 UK time
  • Aresnal V Brighton on Sunday, 5 May at 16:30 UK time
  • Manchester City V Leicester City on Monday, 6 May at 20:00 UK time

Champions League

Next week the Champions League semi-finals are kicking off and we’re going to be glued to our screens.

  • Liverpool V Barcelona on Tuesday, 7 May at 20:00 UK time
  • Ajax v Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday, 8 May at 20:00 UK time