Scratch This Poker Itch For Up To €500 In Instant Cash

The start of a new month is always exciting because it means that our favourite online casinos launch new promotions. And lucky us, because our friends at Coral have just launched June Scratchcard Missions!

And we’re here to tell you fine people all about it.

Say hello to the new Coral Scratchcards

You might be scratching your head when you see Coral and scratchcards in the same sentence and we get why.

They don’t have any scratchcards, right? Wrong. They’ve just launched their brand new scratchcards. Do one and you can win one of 10 random prizes.

What can I win on the scratchcards?

The lovely thing about these scratchcards is that everyone’s a winner! If you scratch, you’ll definitely win one of these prizes:

  • €500 cash
  • €100 cash
  • €10 cash
  • €5 Age of the Gods Twister ticket
  • €2 cash
  • €1 cash
  • €0.50 Wild Twister ticket

If you win one of the tickets, remember that they expire seven days after they’re credited to your account. They also can’t be swapped for cash or transferred to another account.

What do I have to do to take part in June Scratchcard Missions?

Taking part in June Scratchcard Missions is relatively easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Opt in each week (our advice is to simply check if you’re still opted in every day, you don’t want to get caught out)
  2. Complete daily missions between now and 30 June
  3. Get one scratchcard for each mission you complete!

What are the daily missions?

It’ll come as no surprise to Coral Poker veterans that these daily missions are all around earning points.

There’s a different points total you have to reach each day of the week in order to complete that daily mission.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Monday Mission: Earn at least 39 Points
  • Tuesday Mission: Earn at least 52 Points
  • Wednesday Mission: Earn at least 39 Points
  • Thursday Mission: Earn at least 52 Points
  • Friday Mission: Earn at least 64 Points
  • Saturday Mission: Earn at least 52 Points
  • Sunday Mission: Earn at least 64 Points

If you’re only going to take part once or twice a week, it makes sense to focus your efforts on Monday and Wednesday. If you’re a weekend player, just keep an eye on your points and make sure you’re hitting the targets for those days.

As with lots of other Coral Poker promotions, you can only net one of these scratchcards per day. Even if you earn a gajillion points, they most you’ll get is one scratchcard each day.

Want another scratchcard?

These scratchcards are lots of fun and luckily there’s another way to net one every week. Simply complete four daily missions in one calendar week (between Monday and Sunday) and an additional scratchcard will pop into your account.

Do these scratchcards expire?

Nothing lasts forever, does it? But seriously, yes. These scratchcards expire on 8 July, so make sure you use yours before then. We recommend that you use yours immediately, sure why not?