Blurring The Lines Between Chocolate And Poker Tonight (And Every Other Night Too)

Poker and chocolate have a lot in common. Some people give both indulgences a bad rep. But they don’t know them like we do. They can both be good for you. Both are a fine reward after a long day’s slog in the office. And both should be treated with respect. If you’re looking to treat yourself to one tonight, we’d like to recommend the daily Coral Poker Nightly Bounty tournament.

Coral Poker Nightly Bounty tournaments have a lot in common with the chocolate bar of the same name. They’re a fun treat and you’ll never get bored of them. But unlike the chocolate bar, they’re unlikely to result in an expanding waistline.

The major difference you’ll find is that Coral Poker Nightly Bounty tournaments give you the chance to net a share of at least £250 every single night. And that’s much better then being left with an empty chocolate bar wrapper.

This tournament type is a player favourite. In fact, the Coral Poker Nightly Bounty tournament came about after the gambling company surveyed its players to find out what they want. When they requested, “Bounties” in high numbers, the decision was made to release a daily exclusive tournament on the online poker room.

Tell me more about poker bounties

In poker, a bounty is the amount of money you get if you knock out a player. In bounty tournaments, every player has a price on their head.

If you sign up for Coral Poker Nightly Bounty for the first time, prepare for a wild ride. This format can lead to a really action-packed game, with an extra element of excitement compared to a regular game.

We love poker bounties. In our opinion it adds just the right amount of spice to a poker game, without verging on the ridiculous. Poker can be victim of gamification a lot of the time, and not in a good way. But this will suit thrill-seekers and traditionalists alike.

What you need to know about Coral Poker Nightly Bounty tournaments

The first thing you need to know about this tournament is that there’s a juicy £250 (or €320) guarantee. For those of you who aren’t familiar with guaranteed tournaments, you should know that this means that’s the minimum amount of money in the prize pot. If more players join, this pot will get juicier.

The other thing we need to tell you is that the bounty on each player’s head is €2.50. That’s how much you’ll get for each player you knock out. And this is on top of any of the prize pool money you scoop if you make it past the bubble.

The Coral Poker Nightly Bounty starts every evening at 19:00 UK time and the buy-in is €5.50. This buy-in includes the bounty, which we’ve detailed above, and the €2.50 for the prize pool money, as well as €0.50 in tournament fees.

The tournament won’t start until at least two people have signed up to play, which of course makes sense! And then there’s a maximum capacity of 1,500 players who can take part in each evening’s event.