Summer Keeps Heating Up With 57,103 Prizes In This Poker Promo

It feels like the dust might finally be settling after that insanely entertaining World Cup. Anyone with French friends or family will know just how proud they feel of taking home the sacred cup. One No Deposit Online Casino contributor was kept up all night to French neighbours belting out We Are The Champions on repeat.

But now that the football is over for a few weeks at least, it’s a great time to turn your attention to the sweet casino and poker offers at your favourite online casinos.

One of the best ones we’ve found launched just yesterday at Coral. Hello Summer is on their poker platform and is giving out an astounding 57,103 prizes, including instant cash prizes of up to €1,000.

What is Hello Summer?

Hello Summer is a missions-based promotion over at Coral Poker. It’s running now until 23:59 GMT on 2nd September. When you complete missions, you get to spin the Hello Summer wheel, where you can take down wonderful prizes, including cash, poker bonuses, free spins and free tickets.

What are the missions I need to complete?

There’s one daily mission and two weekly missions in Hello Summer. Every time you complete a mission (or a task within the mission), you get a spin of the Hello Summer wheel. Your spin should appear automatically as soon as you complete your mission, but if it doesn’t, contact customer service before you play any more.

You can get up to 10 spins of the Hello Summer wheel every week. And remember the more you spin, the better chance you have of taking down one of the bigger prizes.

How to complete the daily starter mission

This is all about the newest poker format on Coral Poker, which is called Age of the Gods Twister. All you have to do to complete this mission is play Age of the Gods Twister and earn 13 points while doing it. Not too tough at all, right? Plus you’ll have a lot of fun on the felt, believe us.

How to complete the weekly points mission

Simply opt in by hitting Start on your missions tab in My Account every week and earn a certain amount of points in a week to complete this mission.

  • Task 1 = 102 points
  • Task 2 = 64 points
  • Task 3 = 128 points
  • Task 4 = 102 points
  • Task 5 = 90 points
  • Task 6 = 64 points
  • Task 7 = 128 points
  • Task 8 = 102 points
  • Task 9 = 90 points
  • Task 10 = 64 points

How to complete the weekly slots mission

It should come as no great surprise to you lot to hear that Coral Poker has a great range of slots within its poker client.

And Hello Summer gives you chance to really get to know them. So opt in, meet the weekly slots wagering requirements and get your spin of the Hello Summer wheel.

  • Task 1 = €25 or more
  • Task 2 = €40 or more
  • Task 3 = €50 or more
  • Task 4 = €60 or more
  • Task 5 = €70 or more
  • Task 6 = €80 or more
  • Task 7 = €90 or more
  • Task 8 = €100 or more
  • Task 9 = €100 or more
  • Task 10 = €100 or more

What are the prizes I can win when I spin the Hello Summer wheel?

As we said before, there are well over 57,000 prizes up for grabs over the course of the Hello Summer promotion. Here’s exactly what will be won between now and 23:59 GMT on 2nd September:

  • Three players will win €1,000 in cash
  • 600 players will win €10 in cash
  • 6,000 players will win a €5 poker bonus
  • 10,500 players will win 10 free spins each
  • 20,000 players will win Age of the Gods Twister tickets
  • 20,000 players will win a €1 poker bonus

You’ve got 14 days to use your free spins and free tickets and 30 days to clear your bonuses before they expire. And remember that you can only have one pending active bonus in your account at any time, so try clear that bonus as soon as you get it to make way for the next one!

Anything else I should know?

Of course, you’ve got to be at least 18 years old to take part in this promotion, or to sign up and play anything at Coral.

You’ve got to use your Hello Summer wheel spins before 23:59 GMT on 2nd September or else they’ll expire.

Your Coral Poker client has to be version 17.11 or above in order for you to take part in this promotion.

All the usual Coral Poker terms and conditions also apply, and Coral Poker reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any point.