Heavenly New Tournaments: Progressive Jackpots Meet Twister Poker

What’s your idea of heaven? Whether it’s relaxing on the beach with a pina colada in your hand or having a wild night out on the tiles, we can all agree that a big progressive jackpot win would make that a whole lot better. Throw in the thrill of fast-paced poker game at one of your favourite online casinos and you’re on to a winner.

Well guess what? Today Coral is introducing a really interesting new tournament called Age of Gods Twister that marries our love of straight-to-the-point poker with progressive jackpots. Praise the Lord.

Four Age of the Gods Progressive Jackpots

There are four Age of the Gods progressive jackpots. Any time you buy in, even for as little as €1, you get a shot at hitting one of the four progressive jackpots. You just might even bag the biggest one. The minimum you can win with each jackpot is:

  • €50 in the Poker jackpot
  • €500 in the Extra Poker jackpot
  • €5,000 in the Super Poker jackpot
  • €100,000 in the Ultimate Poker jackpot

These jackpot prizes creep up fast too. Every time anyone plays an Age of the Gods Twister tournament, a percentage of their buy-in goes towards to progressive jackpot total.

What happens when you trigger the jackpot?

This progressive jackpot can be randomly triggered after any Age of the Gods Twister tournament starts. If you’re lucky enough to trigger it, here’s what will happen:

  • Your screen will be filled with 20 coins and each one hides one of the four jackpot symbols
  • Flip over coins until you reveal three matching symbols
  • Match three symbols and you scoop the corresponding jackpot
  • Your winnings are added to your Twister tournament winnings

This game takes 30 seconds or less. If you don’t match your symbols within 30 seconds, don’t sweat it. Your prize will be revealed anyway. But where’s the fun in that? Play your part and start flipping over coins on your hunt for the Ultimate Power jackpot.

Do these tournaments count for the Twister Race leaderboards?

If you’re a true Twister lover and make it your mission to climb the Twister Race leaderboard, you’ll be happy to hear that these tournaments count towards your place on those leaderboards.

These leaderboards are exclusive to Coral Poker and you can win up to €500 in cash when you come out on top. If you’re interested, learn a little more and start your climb.

What’s Twister Poker?

If you haven’t heard of Twister, we’re not exactly sure where you’ve been for the last couple of years. Not on Coral Poker anyway, because that’s one of the most important parts of their offering.

Twister tournaments are three-handed poker games where the prize pool is randomly determined and revealed to you just before the game starts. The prize pool can be anywhere between 2x and 1,000x your buy-in.

Because you’ve only got two opponents and the games have a turbo format, you’re never waiting around too long for the action. Your starting stack is always 100 chips and the blinds increase every two minutes. So that means these games usually start and finish within minutes. If you’re looking for a quick thrill, this is the poker game for you. And if you want a progressive jackpot edge. why not try the Age of the Gods edition?

Age of the Gods Twister terms and conditions

Like every other game on Coral Poker, you’ve got to be at least 18 years of age to play.

You’ve got to have Coral Poker software version 17.11 or above to play Age of the Gods Twister tournaments.

Coral Poker reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any prize, promotion or offer at its own discretion.