Get Your Shot At A Share Of £2K This Weekend

Guess what? There’s a promotion underway at Foxy Games that gives slots fans just like you the chance to win a share of £2,000. It’s running from now until Sunday, so if you have time to spin the reels this weekend, get involved in Cash Quests.

But if you’re definitely not going to have time to spin the slots this weekend, maybe you should try another article. Because this is going to give you serious fomo…

What is Cash Quests?

Cash Quests, in short, is a slot lovers dream. This is a leaderboard-based promotion at Foxy Games, with an interesting twist…

Other slots leaderboards are about how much you spend on the reels or how much you win on the reels. But this goes beyond to challenge you a little more.

You have to complete three Cash Quests in the fewest number of spins in order to place on the leaderboard. There are 81 cash prizes to be won in total, so even if you don’t place on top, you could still end up with a pretty penny…

Yes, that means that you could spend the bare minimum amount and if you’re lucky, you’ll place on the leaderboard and get a prize.

How do I take part in Cash Quests?

With most of these kinds of promotions on other sites, you’ve got to opt in separately. Not with Cash Quests at Foxy Games though. You, in effect, opt in as soon as you play the eligible games.

Then there are three missions you’ve got to complete in Cash Quests in as few spins as possible between now and 23:59 UK time on Sunday 17 November. They are:

  1. Get one or more scatters on both machines 20 times in Age of Asgard
  2. Trigger re-spins 10 times in Wild Robo Factory
  3. Land three or more scatters in Cazino Cosmos

Don’t worry if you end up completing these tasks a few times in order to try best your previous score. Even if you don’t succeed in getting the target in a lower number of spins, Foxy Games will remember your best attempt and that’s what’ll turn up as your leaderboard entry.

How are the prizes distributed?

The 81 Cash Quests prizes are all cash. Which is, to our minds, one of the best prizes you can get at an online casino. Here’s how they’re divided up:

  • £1,000 cash prize x1
  • £350 cash prize x1
  • £100 cash prize x1
  • £50 cash prize x1
  • £30 cash prize x1
  • £20 cash prize x5
  • £10 cash prize x21
  • £5 cash prize x20
  • £2 cash prize x30

And the best news is that if you do end up winning a cash prize, there are absolutely no wagering requirements. It’ll be credited to your account and then it’s up to you if you want to withdraw that cash or use it to play more Foxy Games.

Anything else I should know?

Well, this promotion is only open to players based in the UK. If that’s not you, unfortunately you can’t take part in Cash Quests on Foxy Games…

It’s also not available in conjunction with any offer, in case you’re wondering.