Get A Wild West Feeling On The Felt With These Poker Tournaments

What does the Wild West mean to you? To us, it conjures up an idea of excitement, a place where anything can happen. Somewhere that has an element of danger. It’s a winner takes all kind of vibe. And that’s exactly the sort of thing that springs to mind with Bounty Hunter Progressive Knockout Tournaments.

These tournaments are available at Coral Poker. They are so much fun to play and, we think, are more than worth your time the next time you start a poker session online.

So we’re going to list out the reasons why we love them. Then you can draw your own conclusions as to if you’re brave enough to play one. Or maybe you’re just a little too yellow-bellied to be able to stomach a tournament like this…

Instant cash for every player you knock out

Every time you knock out a player in Bounty Hunter Progressive Knockout Tournaments, you get the price on their head.

Okay, maybe that sounds confusing, but it’s not really. Let’s take it from the start. So if you buy-in to a €20 Bounty Hunter Progressive Tournament, there’s a €2 tournament fee. Then the rest of the €18 goes towards the prize pool. That’s a €9 bounty on your head and €9 that goes into the final prize pot.

So if you knock out a player, you get their €9? Not exactly… You actually get €4.50 credited to you in cash and then where the other €4.50 goes leads us to our next point.

Rising stakes at Bounty Hunter Progressive Knockout Tournaments

Every time you knock out a player, part of their bounty goes on your head. That means the more players you knock out, the more lucrative it is for other players to knock you out.

And of course it goes both ways. If you knock out someone who’s bossing the tables, you’ll get their souped up bounty too. That makes it more dangerous, of course. But without a bit of danger, the rewards wouldn’t be quite so sweet, right?

Second chance saloon

Usually with knockout tournaments, when you’re gone, you’re gone. But that’s not quite the case with Coral’s Bounty Hunter Progressive Knockout Tournaments.

With some of these tournaments, you get the option to re-enter the tournament. That means you buy in for the full amount and re-start the game as a new player. Look in the tournament description to see if re-entries are allowed in your game and, if so, just how many times you can re-enter.

Winner takes it all

If someone is knocked out when three or more players are all-in, the player with the strongest hand wins all the bounties. That is, of course, if they have enough chips to cover that all-in.

The only time there can be split bounties is if someone is knocked out by two or more players with the exact same hand.

Available every single day

We adore Bounty Hunter Progressive Tournaments, so we’re delighted to inform you that they’re available daily.

Of course, things change all the time at Coral, so the tournament schedule changes too. Head to the Tourney tab in the Lobby and search Hunter to see when the next Bounty Hunter Progressive Tournaments are taking place.