On The Hunt For Your Next Bounty?

We’re mad for bounties. And we’re not talking about the chocolate bars.

There are few things we love more than a good knockout tournament. It means that you could be battling it out on the felt and even if you don’t take home a piece of the prize pool, you can still walk away with a profit. Plus it makes knocking players out a little bit more personal, which increases the healthy competitive spirit of a good poker game.

If you feel the same as us, we’ve got some great news! Coral has revamped its guaranteed knockout tournaments, transforming many of them into the new Bounty Hunter Progressive Knockout Tournaments. And believe us, it makes them even more fun.

How do Bounty Hunter Progressive Knockout Tournaments work?

First off, when you enter a Bounty Hunter Progressive Knockout Tournament, your entry is split like this:

  • Half of it goes into the prize pool
  • And the other half goes towards the progressive bounty

Yup, that’s right. The bounties increase as the game heats up. It’s also a really handy way of seeing how vicious your opponents have been throughout the course of the game. If they’ve got a really high bounty, it means that they’ve probably seen out plenty of players.

That doesn’t, of course, count the entry fee which is usually about 10% of the total ticket cost. All fairly standard stuff for online poker rooms.

Then as you play and start knocking players out, this happens:

  • You get a percentage of their bounty
  • An extra percentage is added on to your bounty
  • If you knock someone out when three or more players are all in on a hand, the player wuth the strongest hand wins all the bounties

Unlike the chocolate bar, which comes in two easy-to-share pieces, t’s very rare for these bounties to be split. It only can happen in these tournaments if a player is knocked out by two or more players with the exact same hand, and they both can cover the all-in bet.

In some of the Bounty Hunter Progressive Knockout Tournaments, you can re-enter when you’ve been knocked out. This isn’t standard across the board, so if you want to know how many entries are possible in your tournament, simply read the tournament description in the poker lobby.

When you’re playing, you can see a player’s total cash value displayed above their avatar. Simply hover over their avatar and then a handy tooltip will explain exactly how big of a bounty you’ll get when you knock that player out, and of course how much your bounty will increase by.

How do I find Bounty Hunter Progressive Tournaments?

All you need to do is go to the Tournament lobby and search for hunter. Then all the latest upcoming tournaments will pop up before your eyes, along with how many players are currently registered and how much the buy-in is for.

Anything else I should know?

Bounty Hunter Progressive Knockout Tournaments can only be played on version 18.5 or higher of the Coral Poker software. So if you haven’t updated for a while, now’s the time.

Any extra terms and conditions?

All the usual Coral Poker terms and conditions apply, like players have to be 18 years or over to sign up and play.

Plus all the regular site terms apply here too.