All You Need to Know About Instant Win Games at Bet365 Games

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If you are thinking of signing up at an online casino, then it is likely that you are looking to play some of the most popular casino games. Roulette, for example, is an all-time classic that has featured as a central attraction to many casinos, both in the real world and online, for a great many years. Card games, such as blackjack and baccarat are also very popular in casinos and the rise of the slot game has reached new thresholds as we moved from real world gaming to online casino gaming.

However, alongside these behemoths of the online casino gaming industry, there are a number of other games that are rapidly gaining a following that are, perhaps, not quite so familiar in an online casino environment. One of these is the different types of Instant Win games that you can play nowadays.

Of course, to enjoy the rich and varied games that you can find when looking at Instant Win or Scratchcard types games, you need a top-quality casino that offers you a good selection of games on top of a great deal when you join. That’s why if you sign up today using the latest bet365 Games New Player Promotion, not only will you get a great deal, but you will also get the chance to play a myriad of slots, casino games and of course, Instant Win games at the casino too.

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What are Instant Win Games?

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Instant Win games are pretty much self-explanatory. They are games of different types that you pay to play and which you can win instantly. How you win can vary from game to game and card to card and you can vary the price of what you pay on online instant win games (a handy benefit for players and something that you cannot find when you play similar Instant Win games in the high street, such as lottery scratchcards, which are all sold at the same price for the same game).

The flexibility in price per game with Instant Win games at bet365 Games makes them easily accessible to players of all bankroll levels, as you can spend just a few pence playing, or ramp up the stakes with a more expensive card, if you are happy to spend that sort of money on the game of course.

So what type of Instant Win games will you typically find at bet365 Games? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Bet365 Games Instant Win Options

Although this list is not completely exhaustive, there are one or two options available in the Instant Win category that perhaps don’t quite fit into any of these categories, there are generally three different types of Instant Win games on the site.

  • Pull-Tab based games
  • Matching Number games
  • Matching Cash/Objects games

Let’s now explore what each type of game is, how it works and give you some examples of the Instant Win games of that type you can play at bet365 Games.

Pull-Tab Games

If you are a fan of slot games in general, then there is one type of Instant Win game available at bet365 Games that is a perfect choice for you and these are Pull-Tab games.

Pull-Tab games are often set up somewhat like a slot in that they have a number of rows, or lines, on them which are covered when you initially buy your game. These lines will have on them a collection of symbols.

You need to match the same symbol on the line to land a win, much as you do on a slot game. Similar to a slot too, each line can have multiple symbols on,in which case you do not win, or it can be all the same symbol, in which case you will. Different symbols offer different payout levels depending on the one you land.

In some of the Pull-Tab games available on the site, there are also additional special symbols you can land on the reels including ‘Wild’ symbols, which can be used on that line to replace any symbol and also Scatter symbols, which if you land a win with you can win additional games (similar to the Free Spins concept you get when triggering three Scatters on a slot game).

A selection of high-quality Pull Tab games that you can play at bet365 Games right now include:

  • Super Graphics Upside Down
  • Spin Dizzy
  • Triple Kings
  • Double Your Dough
  • 6 Appeal
  • Fireworks
  • Sunset Reels
  • Win Sprint
  • Snapshot
  • 8th Wonder
  • Bully 4 U

Matching Number. Games

As the title suggests, Matching Number games are Instant Win variants that see you reveal a certain set of numbers and you then need to match these numbers with another set that are revealed in the game.

Usually, the more numbers you match, the greater the prize you receive (similar to bingo), although in some slots, such as the new Cleopatra Instant Win game, if you match a single number, then a cash value is attributed to that win that ranges from just a small amount to thousands of pounds.

In the Cleopatra Instant Win game for example, the top cash prize is 10,000 times your stake, which means if you play for £1 per game, you could win £10,000 and of course, all your prizes are awarded instantly.

Matching Cash/Object Games

The third main type of Instant Win games are those that resemble traditional scratchcards where you have to match a stated cash amount (sometimes across lines, other times in a table of values) a stated number of times (usually three times) in order to win that cash prize.

Alternatively, sometimes you may need to match certain objects together on a line or in a table and whatever objects you match will equate to a cash prize, with some objects offering more value than others, but conversely, being more difficult to land successfully.

There are a good number of this type of game at bet365 Games including:

  • Tripoll
  • Colour Cubes
  • Paws of Fury
  • Cash Cookout
  • Super Gems
  • The Price is Right Come On Down
  • Lucky Falls
  • Cash Buster Towers

Before we finish, a special mention that our Pennsylvanian customers can’t access bet365 Games just yet in their state, but new gambling laws mean that you can enjoy online casino gaming, poker and sports betting at a number of new online sites. If you would like to try your hand at any of these options, or games like the Instant Win ones outlined above, check out the current playsugarhouse bonus code information in the link to get all the details you need on the current sign up offers available.