Don’t Forget About This Free-To-Enter £100 Poker Promotion

There’s something about the approach of September that makes us feel like we should get organised. For some people, that means getting up a little bit earlier in the morning and actually remembering to eat breakfast. For other people, it’s alphabetising all their records. But do you want to know what it is for us? Refreshing our memory about longstanding promotions like the £100 Login Lottery.

So get yourself in gear for a more organised autumn of poker playing. Learn all about why you should pay attention to the £100 Login Lottery at Coral Poker and the benefits of taking part at least once every five days.

What is the £100 Login Lottery?

The £100 Login Lottery is a daily promotion at Coral Poker that gives all real-money players the chance to win a share of £100 just for logging in.

If you’re a Coral Poker player and don’t take part in this promotion, you’re losing out. Simple as that. So you should really give yourself a shake and start doing this.

Our advice to you is to stick it on a post-it note where you usually play poker so you always remember to do it.

10 players get a share of the prize pool

Every day, Coral Poker awards a portion of the £100 cash prize pool to 10 players. It’s that simple.

To win your share, use your tournament ticket to enter before 20:00 UK time. The £100 Login Lottery Tournament takes place every day, so you’ve got seven different opportunities a week to play.

When we say play, we guess we really mean enter. The ‘lottery’ part of the £100 Login Lottery name refers to the fact that this game is 100% up to chance, unlike regular poker games. It’s an all-in shootout tournament.

If you haven’t played that before, that basically means that every player goes all-in automatically on every hand. So everyone has an equal chance of winning. As long as you remember to enter, that is. You don’t even have to be logged in to win your share.

At least 37 players take part in each tournament, while a maximum of 7,000 can play.

Get your ticket when you login

This is where the promotion really comes into its own. There’s no hoops to jump through here. Simply check your account and you’ll see the £100 Login Lottery Tournament ticket credited to you daily.

There’s a new one every day. All you have to do is use it, it’s really that easy. So if you’ve been a Coral player and haven’t taken part yet, we’d advise you not to think about all those £100 prize pools you’ve missed out on… But it’s not to late to make amends of course!

If by any chance you don’t spot the tournament ticket in your account, simply get on to Coral customer service and they’ll help you out. Best to do this at the start of your session, before you get distracted with poker playing…

You can enter using up to five tickets in one tournament. But just remember that there’s a seven-day expiration date attached to each ticket, so you’ve got to use your tickets relatively quickly once you get them.